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What Separates your Workshop from your Competitors?

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Quality Workshop Equipment!

As a small business owner, you need to constantly evaluate your unique value proposition and critically assess what it is that separates you from your competitors. There are many workshops across South Africa offering competitive services. In order for you to attract new and return business, you will have to do more than merely offer a bargain now and again.

Investing in cutting edge workshop equipment, as an addition to expert workmanship and leading customer service is one of the best ways; you can set your business apart. There are various reasons for this, including:

• With the right equipment and tools you can see to a job speedily and accurately
• Your team has the tools at hand they need to keep your clients’ wheels safe on the road
• You save money by investing in quality tools that offers many years’ excellent service

Turn To AEI For Cutting Edge Workshop Equipment in South Africa

Automotive Equipment International has been trading since 1955. For generations, this prominent and respected name in the automotive industry of South Africa has been hard at work supplying the market with the best quality and leading workshop equipment available.

AEI supplies top workshop and garage equipment brands including ROTARY vehicle lifts, RAASM Lubrication Equipment, PIUSI Meters, and Controls and Pumps, OMCN Lifts and Jacks and Actwell Greasing Equipment.
Partner with a leading supplier of the very latest workshop equipment and set your business apart in the market.

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