Benefit from PCL Tyre Inflation Solutions in South Africa, Exclusively from AEI | Automotive Equipment International

Benefit from PCL Tyre Inflation Solutions in South Africa, Exclusively from AEI

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AEI is a leading supplier of automotive and garage equipment in South Africa since 1955. Since their inception, they have forged professional partnerships with some of the world’s leading suppliers and manufacturers. To this end Automotive Equipment International has an exclusive distribution deal with PCL Tyre Inflation.

PCL is recognised around the world as a global leader in the design and manufacture of tyre inflation and compressed air products. Various sectors depend on their products and solutions not only in South Africa but also around the world. These sectors include the industrial, petrol forecourt and the automotive markets.

The Key To PCL Tyre Inflation’s Persistent and Rising Success

Key to PCL Tyre Inflation’s success is their dedication to providing their clients with only the very best and industry leading service and after sales support. They also hold the British Standard Institution’s BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate as a further indication of their commitment of excellence.

Bringing many years’ experience and leadership to the sector, PCL has carved out a niche for themselves and works hard to live up to the high expectations that their clients have placed on them. AEI is proud to supply PCL products and solutions in South Africa, making available their innovative technology to South African workshops and garages throughout the country to help grow their businesses.

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