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Quality has a name

For over 50 years the go to name for automotive equipment has been AEI, Automotive Equipment International.

By supplying only the best quality products and services at the most competitive prices, exclusively to the wholesale trade, Automotive Equipment International has set the industry standard over the last half a century. Their wide range of services and products with the highest standard of quality and professionalism means that you will never be disappointed. This is why their clients return again and again.

Just some of their services and products include:
Lifting and lubrication equipment
Airline and fuel dispensing equipment
Workshop and tyre equipment

By using only the best names and brands in the business, AEI has built and maintained a strong reputation for being the only name for the best brands at the best prices in the industry. Some of the names associated with Automotive Equipment International include:
– PIUSI controls, meters and pumps
– RAASM Lubricating equipment
– CEMB Wheel Balancing and Tyre changing Machine
– Actwell Lubricating products
– ROTARY Lifting equipment

Because they use only the best quality, AEI guarantees that their clients receive only the best service and best quality products at all times – from complete service solutions to customer training on their purchases, Automotive Equipment International has built and maintained a strong presence throughout the industry, ensuring only the best for their clients.

So if you need Automotive equipment and you aren’t prepared to settle for less than the best, contact AEI today and find out why they are the industry leaders.

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