Automotive Equipment International | Garage Equipment

Suppliers of Workshop, Tyre and Lubrication Equipment

Automotive Equipment International opened its doors in 1955 and we have since become a prominent and respected name in the automotive industry of South Africa. We began our journey with the intention of becoming the leading and most trusted supplier of garage and workshop equipment. Since our inception this vision was quickly brought to life and we have consistently been setting the standard for product and service excellence in the automotive equipment industry. We are proud to be the go-to suppliers for top workshop and garage equipment brands such as RAASM Lubrication Equipment, Actwell Lubrication Equipment, PIUSI Meters and Controls, OMCN Lifts and Jacks and UNO Air Tools. We are the exclusive agents for the renowned ROTARY Vehicle Lifts, PCL Tyre Inflation, CEMB Tyre Changing Machines and Wheel Balancing range as well as MAD, the advanced manufacturer of On-Car Brake Lathes.

All of the products that we offer our clients are tried and tested within the industry and are proven to be the most reliable equipment on the market.

Quality Products and Superior Service

AEI offers a fully rounded service and product solution. We are focused on providing our clients with a multitude of workshop equipment. We also offer our clients a complete service solution and our training facilities are available to all of our customers. AEI provides the largest selection of automotive equipment in South Africa, and our dedication to product and service excellence is what has propelled us forward as true leaders in the industry. We offer everything from pumps and tyre inflators to diesel meters and jacks. Whatever it is you are looking for, we undoubtedly have the ideal product you require.

Specialised Lubrication and Tyre Divisions

The AEI Lubrication Division ensures the most advanced and specialised support to oil companies as well as workshops maintained at service and petrol stations. This highly specialised department holds the PERMEX Oil Watch Agency for Oil Monitoring Systems as well as RAASM Lubrication Equipment and Rotary Lifting Equipment.

Out AEI Tyre division markets the following brands and products:

  • PCL: Inflation tyre equipment (England)
  • CEMB: Tyre changes and wheel aligners/ wheel balancers (Italy)
  • MYERS: Tyre accessories (USA)
  • HANDIJACK: Hydraulic lifting equipment (Taiwan)
  • ROTARY: 2 and 4 post lifts (USA)
  • UNO: Accessories and air tools (Taiwan)
  • SELAGO: Tyre valves and extensions (South Africa)

Social Responsibility and Employment Equity

Automotive Equipment International is dedicated to the development of the community and previously disadvantaged individuals. This is a commitment that we uphold as a company and our business strategy reflects this determination through a unique process. Our unique program is highly advanced and we play a role in helping our community prosper daily.